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Welcome to Vital Statistics Support

Vital Statistics Support is a private company that specializes in locating and expediting shipment of global vital documents direct to our clients’ door. Everyone has, at one time or another experienced the need to acquire or replace a vital document such as a birth, marriage or death certificate, and oftentimes under urgent circumstances. For example, you need to travel and you do not have a valid passport. A birth certificate is necessary to apply for a passport, but the process of attaining these vital documents directly through government agencies can be difficult and are generally accompanied by long wait times. Unnecessarily complicated regulations can cause rejected applications and even more delays.

Most people cannot afford to make themselves an expert in the nuances of these regulations just to replace one vital certificate, nor can they afford to wait in line for several hours, as happens in provinces like Ontario.

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  • Birth Certificates

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    Order a Government issued Birth Certificate online.

  • Marriage Certificates

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    Order a Government issued Marriage Certificate online.

  • Death Certificates

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    Order a Government issued Death Certificate online.