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Foreign Embassy and Canadian government representative We provide full-service to all your needs.

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Embassy Services

Foreign Embassy and Canadian government Representation

We provide services for all your needs

In Ottawa alone there are 129 forieng diplomatic missions and a handful of Government of Canada offices. Dealing with all this bureaucracy can be overwhelming. This is what we do for you.

Embassy Apostille/Legalization and Global Affairs Authentication
$25 Per Additional Document
5-15 Business day service
Express Service
1 business day, additional $50.00
Research your requirements and do as much of the process for you as we can from beginning to end.
+ Disbursements
We are a full-service company that does the
research for you. We deal with the entire
process for beginning to end

Our fee structure is straightforward: we charge $275.00 + disbursements. We do not charge surcharge on *disbursements; you pay what we pay.

Disbursements are things like: government fees, courier fees, embassy submission fees, passport fees, vital statistics document fees, translation services, and notary public services.

For complex requests (example: Marriage Approval Documentation) our fees are higher

To start you can pay now and one of our agents will get back to you by the next business day to start the process.

*Our initial evaluations are fully refundable
You can also email us with your request at

What we can do for you

  • Vital statistics documentation (Global)
  • Passports – First or Renewal (Global)
  • Dealing with the bureaucratic process
  • In-Person Diplomatic Mission or Canadian Government office submissions
  • Notary Public services
  • International Visas
  • Proofreading of applications
  • Dealing with courier companies, photocopying, and all other miscellaneous tasks
  • Troubleshooting difficult situations
  • Putting you in touch with industry experts

*Please note: even we have our limits as to what we can do. Sometimes some government documents or requests are impossible to do 100% for you


I am trying to do my own research and I am finding information outdated on the embassy’s website, what should I do?

First and most importantly you can’t rely on what you read on the embassy’s website. You need to double check everything by calling or emailing the Embassy. If that does not work, you need to simply send someone to the embassy to find out what the correct process is. The reality is there are well run embassies and there are those which are not.

What is the typical cost for the full-service process?

Here is our typical fee structure:



$15 to $30 (1-2 courier trips)

$75 to $125 for straightforward submissions OR $225 to $275 for complex submissions*HST not included

[What is this?] Free to few hundred dollars depending on government fees

What is a “Straight Forward Submission” vs. a “Complex Submission”?

Straight Forward Submission: Is when we are dealing with a simply straight-forward case and all information is readily available online.

Complex submission: Is when many documents must be obtained, application must be filled out correctly, and a few other bureaucratic steps must be taken.

How does your company work?

Instead of employing full time staff and driving up costs and limiting ourselves with less knowledge, we have a business to business model. We contract experts across three continents, from courier delivery, paralegals, and licensed immigration consultants, to international visa companies; we tap into the best the business world has to offer. We try to say away from big firms and instead deal with owner-operated companies. We find that pricing and customer service, and our expanded knowledge base is far better with this model.

Mailing Address in Ottawa

Civil Processing Bureau
804-467 Laurier West Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1R 5C7

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1-867-888-1686 (Canada Only)