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Manitoba Death FAQs
Why do I need to obtain a Death Certificate?

A Death Certificate is one of the most important documents you need to settle the affairs of your loved one.  A Death Certificate is required as official legal proof of death, to settle the estate of the deceased, to apply for pension and insurance benefits, and to legally remarry. 

What are the steps I must take following the death of a loved one?

1.   Contact a Doctor or Coroner

Following the death, you must call a doctor or coroner.  He/she will fill out a Medical Certificate of Death and give it to the funeral director.

2.   Contact a Funeral Home or Transfer Service

To find a Funeral Home or Transfer Service, consult your local yellow pages, or contact your provincial or territorial funeral board.  Funeral directors and funeral boards can help you make all the arrangements for funerals.  Once the funeral director receives the Medical Certificate of Death from the doctor or coroner, he/she will fill out a Statement of Death form with the help of a family member.  The funeral director will then submit both the Medical Certificate of Death and the Statement of Death form to the local municipality clerk’s office so that the death can be registered with Vital Statistics.  The deceased's next of kin will receive a notification letter when the death has been registered. 

3.   Obtain a Death Certificate

Once the death is registered with the Vital Statistics agency, a Death Certificate may be obtained online (see below “How do I order a Death Certificate”) 

4.   Changes, Transfers and Cancellations

  • Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan Benefits

The Service Canada Web site provides information on how to cancel benefits following the death of a pensioner or beneficiary.  Note:  If the deceased was receiving a benefit from the Québec Pension Plan (QPP), contact the Régie des rentes du Québec.

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)

The next-of-kin should return the SIN card along with a copy of the Death Dertificate or a Statement of Death to Service Canada.  Note:  You are no longer required to inform Service Canada of the death if the death occurred in the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario or Québec.  The notification of death is received electronically from the Vital Statistics Agencies of these Provinces.  If you do have the deceased person’s SIN card, you can destroy it.

  • Passport

The Passport should be returned to Passport Canada with a copy of the Death Certificate and a letter indicating if the cancelled Passport should be destroyed or returned to you.

  • Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency Web site provides information about how to notify the Canada Revenue Agency of a death. The Web site also provides information on cancelling benefit payments in the name of the deceased. It will also help you determine if you are the legal representative of the deceased. 

5.   Benefits, Pensions and other Survivors’ Benefits

  • Old Age Security (OAS)

Please contact Service Canada to find out if you are now eligible to receive certain Old Age Security Benefits.

It is important to have your benefits reviewed following the death of your spouse or common-law partner.

Documents you will need to complete these steps include the deceased person's:

    • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • Date of birth
    • Tax and Benefit Information
    • Name of surviving spouse or common law partner
    • Surviving spouse's or common-law partner's Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Additional Information for the Canada Pension Plan and other death related benefits

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – Decedent Estates Program
Allowance for the Survivor Program
Canada Pension Plan Children's Benefits
Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit
Canada Pension Plan Survivor's Pension
Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits
International Benefits
Veterans Affairs Canada - Death Benefit
Veterans Affairs Canada - Funeral, Burial and Gravemarking Assistance
Veterans Affairs Disability Pension Program - Surviving Dependant Benefits

How do I order a Manitoba Death Certificate?

Canadian Death Certificates are issued by the government of the Province in which the death occurred.  You may apply for a Death Certificate online:

1.   Click "Select Certificate Type" or "Get It Now" button on home page.  Follow the prompts to select the proper certificate and Province/Territory the death occurred in.

2.   Click the "Apply Online" button.

3.   Complete the information on the Online Application which will guide you through several Steps and pay using your credit card.

4.   You will receive an order confirmation email from us within an hour.  We will then go on to process your application according to the service option you have chosen.  If there are any problems with your application, a representative will contact you via email with the required corrections.

5.   Your Death Certificate will either arrive in the mail, or by courier, depending on the service option chosen.

Please note:  Death Certificates are issued using the information from the original Registration of Death, completed at the time of death.  If a record cannot be found, a search for a three year period is carried out automatically and the applicant will be notified. 

How much does a Manitoba Death Certificate cost and how can I pay?

A Manitoba Large Size Death Certificate / Copy of Registration costs:

  • $65.00 per document with the Regular Service option (15-25 business days)
  • $105.00 per document with the Rush Service option (5-7 business days)

The only payment currently accepted is credit card (Visa and MasterCard). 

What information is included on a Manitoba Death Certificate?

Information contained on a Manitoba Large Size Death Certificate includes the following:

  • name of the deceased
  • date of death
  • place of death
  • age at time of death
  • sex
  • registration date
  • registration number 
What is a Photocopy of Registration?

A Photocopy of Registration is a certified photocopy of the original Registration of Death, completed at the time of death.  It contains all the information that appears on the Registration of Death, except that it does not show the cause of death.  Photocopies are rarely needed by citizens and are, by law, for restricted use only.  They are generally only required for genealogical, court or consulate purposes, and are not for use as identification. 

How long will it take to receive a Manitoba Death Certificate?

It will take 10 to 12 weeks with the Regular Service option or 5-7 days with the Rush Service option. 

How will the Death Certificate be sent to me?

The Death Certificate will be sent to you directly from Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency.  It will arrive in the mail with the Regular Service option, or by courier with the Rush Service option. 

If the deceased has a French name, should I include the accents on the application?

Yes.  If the death record contains any French accents on the registered names, please ensure they are clearly displayed on the Death Certificate application form. 

How do I find the status of my Manitoba Death Certificate application?

If you are following up on the status of an already ordered certificate, as the applicant, you will need to contact the government agency directly.  They will only discuss the status of the application with the applicant.  Please contact Manitoba Vital Statistics at:

Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069 (Manitoba only)
Telephone: 204-945-3701 

What if I am uncertain of the date of death or whether the person is deceased?

Death Certificates are issued using the information from the original Registration of Death.  If you are uncertain of the date of death, you may order a search of all death records on file (1813 – present) by filling out and submitting the Application for Genealogical Search.  The fee for each search is $25.00 which must be enclosed with your application.

The document issued is a Certified Photocopy of the Registration of Death which is stamped “Genealogical Purposes Only”.  The certified photocopy contains information exactly as recorded on the original registration, and, although the information may differ from your application, it cannot be amended at this time.

If the record you requested is not found, you will be issued a Search Receipt stating there is no record of the death for the years searched.  The fees are not refundable.  If you have any additional information that you believe would assist in the search, please include it with the application. 

Can I obtain a Death Certificate for a death that occurred a long time ago?

The Manitoba Vital Statistics office holds complete records from 1882, when civil registration began.  Death records remain there until they are more than 70 years old which means they are no longer within the restricted period.  These unrestricted death records are then transferred to the provincial Archives and are input into a database available for searching.  However, the Vital Statistics Office cautions that not everything in the original record has been transcribed. To get all of the details, it is necessary to order a copy of the original document.  Also, the information which was collected has varied over the years, with more recent records containing more details than those which are older.  For example, the Vital Statistics office have some incomplete church records that date further back than their civil registration records, which their staff may be able to search if the applicant knows the denomination of the person whose death record they are seeking. 

Who is entitled to apply for a Manitoba Death Certificate?

Anyone may order and receive a Death Certificate for someone who died in Manitoba.  Release of Death Certificates is not limited to immediate family. 

Can I make an amendment to a Manitoba Death Certificate?

Yes.  Occasionally death records need to be amended, such as when an error has been made to the original Registration of Death.  The person who completed the original Death Registration can request that a correction be made in person at the Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency.  Counter service is available at 254 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg.  A fee of $25.00 is required to amend errors in a Death Registration.  For more information on the amendment procedure, contact the Manitoba Vital Statistics office by calling (204) 945-3701 or by sending an e-mail to vitalstats@gov.mb.ca.